Wooden Drip tips DT for ecigs Vape with style and improved taste

You can get them here. I got style #9. They are less than $4 each. I am going to get a couple more different styles next time I do an order. The taste is almost as clean as pyrex glass drip tips on a wood drip tip. A wooden DT tastes better than stainless steel drip tips. The benefit is that it is way cheaper and harder to break than glass drip tips but resist heat and give a clean taste almost to the same degree. It would be cool to try a rotating wooden drip tip some day, like this steel one. I hear the down side to wood drip tips is they keep the flavor of the juice you have vaped in the past. Dragonflyecigs wooden drip tips do not hold the flavor because they are coated with something that does not change the taste of ejuice but prevents the flavor from adsorbing into the wood. I highly recommend them you can get them here.  

It is pictured on my Duke with a 91