ZNA by Zen DNA30 House Of Hybrids

You can get the device here. It has the new DNA 30 chip. This is Nates from ECF. I don't have one. I have the Duke it can go up to 50w. When I do reviews I notice a big difference between 25 watts and 50w. The Duke is in for repairs again. I Hopefully it can last more than a month when I get it back. I had to send my Darwin in ever 2 months for repairs. Hopefully the Duke will last longer this time :P but think the less powerful ZNA will be more reliable than the Duke.
On a DNA 20 with duel coils it reads them wrong and gives an error unless they are exactly the same ohm. I hope they fixed this problem with the DNA 30.
Fast Tech cloned it you can get the ZNA clone for under $70 by clicking here.