Rich Vapors, Uniontown Pa


I have to write about this shop, I am morally obligated by its awesomeness.  I visited this shop today to check it out, see what it was all about. I'm Glad I did. It is very rare to go into a shop and see customers greeted and individually taken care of by an employee. They have enough employees that they can take care of several people at once, and the are amazingly kind.                                       

But lets get in depth.

After sitting for Hours there, talking to various employees, the manager, and a customer, I began to notice that the employees were all very close. The manager actually refers to them as her family,. which is very nice to see. The business is new, and new business is always hard. The fact that they are sticking together so well though it speaks for itself.This is not a 3 piece dress up shop, this is not a "wear your best" or strict environment
 The atmosphere is actually very laid back, amazingly so. When I walked in I felt so at home that I nearly took my shoes off! (no exaggeration or joke there.) I was immediately greeted in a manner as if I were a long time friend, and not treated as a consumer, or pay check. That, my friends, is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by get in get out shops. Furthermore, since they have opened, not a one has been pain, all sacrificing their pay to the shop, for the good of the vaper.

They are so dedicated, that instead of getting their juices in the mail, they have their 160+ custom (wait till I get to that part) juices made, and pick them up hand to hand transfer, AT the lab. They drive out of state to the manufacture to get customized liquids for customers who need "a little more of this, or a little less of that" There is no playing around about that, and it shows. Too much nic? let them know. Not enough throat hit? Let them know. They are taking the customer is always right to the next level.

Now.. as if that were not enough..

They educate the vaper. They give personal consultations on what you need, help you find what will work best for you, help you get in touch with that... inner vaper, haha. I saw them, with mine own eyes, spend no less than 20 minutes with new, and return customers. I even saw a customer return the same day with a problem, they proceeded to fully test the mod, atomizer, help clean it, give further advice, and go out of their way just to help. Many other places would say "You bought it, you broke it, not our problem" especially around here. They do not even want to do internet sales because they feel better if they get to talk with you about the advantages of vaping.
So why all this? Why do they do this? Why do they keep the prices as low as they can, help the customer, make custom trips just to get a customers juices, and all around go out of their way? It surely is not that hard to make a penny. Well the answer is quite sad, but quite true, and something many of us can easily relate to.

A Mission.

The owner of the store had to see a dearly loved one go after only 68 years of life. They had to see him gasp for air as he could not breathe from years and years of smoking the cancer sticks that we are all trying to get rid of. They made a promise to that loved one to stop smoking.. in their search, they found vaping. Like many, they saw that is was incredibly easy to stop smoking, and even easier to step down your nicotine over time until you were done. Why not share this? Why not show everyone this gift that can save lives? Why watch people suffer? So they set out on a mission, they opened a vape shop in a town where next to no one vapes, knowing the odds were stacked against them. They fought with legislation, they fought with banks, they fought with others that just wanted to have a shop to be proud of. This is about getting people away from cigarettes into a controllable, personal, alternative.

So step down to Rich Vapes,  Say Hi, Tell them CocoaButter sent you, and soak up the atmosphere. You wont regret it. And stay tuned, I will be doing a follow up review soon!

Ecf's Only,