Archduke 30A 120w ECIG is coming soon

Update: I am now recommending the Sigelei 100w. Click here to see the first look. I don't think this mod is in the future anymore. Goss sold the company.
To see my duke with a pastic protector on top click here.
The Arch Duke is coming out soon. You can get more info from the maker here. This is the end of the post about the Arch Duke
"So is 120W too much? Is there a threshold? Either way, I’ll be taking you to it. The Archduke will have a limited beta run in late March. "
I say 120W might not be too much Will be fun to test out juice at that wattage. But even on The Duke I end up vaping at around 40w. You have to keep atties above .5 ohms. I think it would be interesting to go a bit lower and maybe with lower gauge wire I will get more surface area and be able to vape at a higher wattage. I am going to try some twisted flat wire builds later this week and it will be interesting to see if it affects the wattage I prefer.
I have The Duke now. It is amazing.  I have had a couple of problems with it but Goss responded to me both times in less than a hour of contacting him and I got the unit back both times with in a week. The device is well made and powerful. I highly recommend it. You can get it here. I am going to order a Arch Duke as soon as it become available.