Ecig website Vaporfoundry Review

I haven't written a review about a website just brick an mortar ecigs stores. I went to 8 and a couple of new ones last week I will add to the list soon.  The web sites I am an affiliate with and recommend are listed in the upper right corner. I think TheRealMuffinMan man did a great job in reviewing vaporfoundry. I hope you enjoy his review. 

Today I am going to write about my experience with the new and upcoming online vendor Vapor Foundry.  I stumbled upon this site on my recent cloud chasing quest for a copper mod.  I was undecided between the Ember, Signum, and Vanilla.  After doing some research and shopping around, I liked the price point, styling, and performance of the Signum.  Shopping around for the best deal I found Vapor Foundry.  At first glance I was impressed with the clean and functional layout of the site.  It was not unnecessarily cluttered with designs to make the site look “hip and trendy” which lead to a very clean and elegant design.
But down to business.  The store has some very nice items and the prices are all very reasonable.  One of the more reasonably priced online shops I have seen as a matter of fact.  The selection is pretty small BUT upon doing further research, their facebook page was opened on January 2nd of 2014 which lead me to believe the actual site was opened around the same time as well, which happened to be the 21st.  So for now the selection is limited but I am sure as the site matures, and has been open for longer, their selection of mods, juices, and accessories will expand.

I placed my order monday at around 3pm PST on a monday and was surprised to receive an email about an hour and a half later. The serial number I had picked from the drop down menu was unavailable but they told me what numbers were in stock and asked me which I would like.  To me the actual number did not matter so that was not an issue.  Had a quick back and forth chat with Brian from Vapor Foundry and was informed that my package would be shipped first thing in the morning.  My package was delivered on Thursday of the same week but nobody was home to sign for it so I got it on Friday.  It came nicely packaged with plenty of bubble wrap to ensure the items came in perfect condition.
My first impression of this shop is great!  The design was clean, the prices were great, super fast shipping, and great customer support.  The only thing is the smaller selection, which I can’t even fault them for because it is a very young (about 1 month old) site.  They also have an in house line of juices called Trippy Drips which hopefully I have the opportunity to try and review for you guys.  This site will definitely get my business in the future again.!www.vaporfoundry.com-TheRealMuffinMan