FastTech Aqua Clone the Kayfun killer RBA

You can get it here for $20. I have been fascinated with the aqua for months. I posted about it when I first heard about it, when it was first cloned, and when FastTech started carrying the clone. I got the $35 tobacco clone from C2C in under a week.   I think it is way better than any kayfun style atties.  It is double the airflow, double the juice channels and double the space for coils than Kayfun Style atties.

     I like the 20 buck version that fast tech sells a bit more than the Tobacco one. I got the device in a bit over a week. Some orders from fast tech take weeks and weeks. Others take just a week. When you order check to see if everything in your cart is in stock. If something is not then remove it from your order and make a separate order with it. I find the most success when I do that. If you don't want to take the gamble C2C ships in under a week and the clone is almost as good. I have used the $20 FT on as my all day vape for over a month. Most of my ecigs that I use have not been used very much after getting the Aqua clone from Fast Tech.

I got to try out a original and shoot a video at Vape Industry. They actually sell the Aqua for $25 bucks less than most places and 50 bucks less than the local stores sell it for. Here is a link to their website. If you want to see a video that I shot in the store comparing the original to the $20 fasttech version  click here. Sorry for the back round noise. I hope the video is clear enough.

As I said before when I first mentioned the fast tech aqua clone, "As always support the innovators if you can. I am recovering from brain cancer and a botched brain surgery. I have more off days than I have on days. I have been preparing for video reviews for months but it is not to the quality yet.  (Finally uploaded one out of the several videos I did. You can see the one here.)  I am sure other people are in similar circumstances so I wanted to share this deal. I do get a portion of the sale by being an affiliate to the sites I listed above and on my sidebar but it is small, I use it to get more ejuice and mods, my readers do not pay any more by clicking affiliate links, and I stand by what I link to.  http://goo.gl/VeBvsV  But even if I don't get an affiliate free from the the original, if you can get it or join their FB group and say you want to preorder V2 :P " I recommend getting the original at Vape Industry. They might not have it on their website but I would call them. They are really nice and have the best price around.