Forbes war on Ecigs and Vapers

I think Forbes by promoting lies and misinformation about vaping and has just declared war on vapers and Ecigs. This is a guest post by Simon Templar. He makes PociĆ³n ejuice.  You can see the cool bottlesmenu, and sample pack box here. It is amazing ejuice. I will post some reviews at the beginning of next week. 
"I read today an article about the “concern” some politicians got because ecigs were used by celebrities in public. The things they claim are nonsense since the first word, smoking ecigs.They show and probe a completely lack of knowledge about vaping, and that makes me wonder… how can they be so worried? Is about health, for real?? Or is it because they want people to keep SMOKING real tobacco cigarettes which means TONS of money in their pockets? How can they be such against the only effective method for the smokers to quit or to have a safer alternative to smoking?  For me this is about money, not health, not concerns about children. "