Kiss My Sweet-T

Kiss My Sweet-T!

And sweet tea it is indeed! My first vape of this was as if I opened a gallon of tea and started chugging the awesome flavor-fullness! If you like sweet tea, you will love this stuff! I have been Vaping it out of my igo-w with a 1.2ohm coil, ceramic wick, 6V on my E-LVT (( This thing is a tank!!)) and man, this is just good stuff. If you have not gone over to Kiss My Vapes, you really got to. Dominic is a really nice guy, and he runs the shop. I have talked to this fellah plenty of times, and I recommend their business.  Anyhow, back to the flavor!

I did not expect it to taste like sweet tea, not one bit. But I must admit i was pleasantly surprised. When I first tried it it was a "pick from the hat" kind of deal. I just reached forward, grabbed a bottle, and dripped it. I knew instantly what it was. The second it hit my tongue I almost swallowed thinking I was getting a drink of something as a half asleep reaction, haha. You can get a hold of these guys via their Facebook Page. Check it out!