Morning Vape from Majestic Vapors Coffee and Tobacco ejuice

Majestic Vapors Morning Vape
I used the FT aqua clone and The Duke for this review. I used a fresh pice of CVS cotton. I have been tasting this juice for months. There where no chemical notes because I let the juice steep for months. It takes a while for the flavors to combine. I let them steep naturally but you can speed up the process by shaking the bottles and leaving the cap off every night or using a ultra sonic. I did this with a little bottle and the juice was ready in under a week but I wanted to let the juice steep naturally.
Morning vape is an interesting fusion of coffee and tobacco. The coffee is above average not the best. Same with the tobacco. This juice has amazing throat hit and vapor. The perique tobacco taste fuses well with the woody coffee.  The coffee is sweetened at lower wattages but the taste gets amazing at higher wattages giving a very unique fusion. The flavors are not NET (natural extraction of tobacco which I prefer but I think this is one of the better non NET flavors. If you are a coffee and tobacco vaper and don't want to deal with the coil clogging of NETs, then I recommend this juice.
I really like Honey Viper from Majestic Vapors.
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