The E-LVT, Tank of the vape!

Look, its a bird, a brick, no wait, thats my vape! 

 As mentioned above, This this truly is the tank of the vape. Dovpo had an objective it appears, and came as close as I have seen so far. This thing is a beast of a mod. I got one and was told it was hard to break.. If I would do the things to a person that I did to this mod there would need to be a protection program. I have beaten it off the ground, bounced it repeatedly off of concrete,  thrown it and wiped it off, kicked it, threw it over my head behind me... and all around abused it. If this were a living thing, I would have been arrested by now. So, how is it? How does it look? Does it still work?

We will get to all of that after the:


This bad boy is crush proof, water resistant, has a built in battery charger, charges the battery of OTHER usb devices, has a flashlight, and is variable voltage and wattage. That's right, I can take a vape, use the flashlight to work on my car ( Last night in the freezing cold -.-)  drop it repeatedly, pick it up and dust it off, then charge my phone with it.  I can take this thing hunting and not have to worry, I can take it to work, and not have to worry. I could blind a mugger with the flashlight then smack them in the skull with it, and I have to worry more about their skull than I have to worry about the device! What more should you want from a mod? The entire device is metal, with a rubberized coating all over it.

All day long

Since I have gotten this monster of a mod, it has been my all day device. With all my other devices I had to be careful and gentle.. I am NOT a gentle man. this always bugged me. "Oh God what if I drop my mod, what will I do!? If I break this and have to buy another my wife will kill me.. I cant have any sammich if I'm dead!" And I turn only to find my self beating this thing for laughs.

The Damage

Well the doctor did say I hit my head pretty har- OH!! The mod! right! I don't have a video yet, my camera is crap but we are trying to fix this problem. But here are the pics! I lost count after smacking it off the sidewalks and roads and parking lots for the month that i have been actively trying to kill this thing with moisture and blunt force trauma. I have no idea how many times i have abused this poor thing, but i know it has taken over 50 hits.

"But Cocoa!! I don't see and damage!!"

Search close, look deep within the pictures...

Yep, That's it. That's all the damage it has gotten in over a month of beating. Maybe when I get my camera working right I will use it to pound a nail into some wood for you all, hahah!

That's all for now!

Wishing you all the best