Virgin Vapor ejuice Dark Roast Turkish Coffee Organic

TheRealMuffinMan wrote this review. He also did a great review of Niquids Peach Lemonade.  Lots of Virgin Vapor is in my current favorites. You can get this great ejuice here. You can see my other coffee ejuices here. I also reviewed Virgin Vapors Kona Coffee Milkshake and Virgin Vapors Expresso.   I agree with TheRealMuffinMan I think Virgin Vapors has some of the best coffee ejuices. I think their juices really shine at 50 pg 50 VG with extra extra flavor. This review was with no extra flavor and 100VG.

Virgin VaporOrganic Dark Roast Turkish Coffee0/100 PG/VG0 nic
Flavor - 5/5 
The flavor was very nice. On Inhale I get a nice dark roasted coffee with a hint of sugar and cream.  The exhale was more of a sweet black coffee without cream.  The roasted coffee flavor lingers.  If you are looking for a coffee vape, the taste is spot on. .
Flavor Intensity - 3/5 
Before I get to the intensity of the flavor, let me preface it by saying that I was running 0.4Ω twisted 30awg dual coils with a cotton wick. and two 5/32” air holes.  Now that that is out of the way, although the flavor was very nice and spot on as stated in the Flavor category, It was a very mellow and light flavor unless I did a couple short drags before my normal inhale and get the coils really warm.  This may have been a result of my build beeing too airy or this juice may have been intended for higher wattages.
Throat Hit- 1/5  
Being a 100% VG juice, and my particular bottle at 0mg of nicotine, there is virtually no throat hit.  If you desire throat hit, Virgin Vapors will do a PG/VG mix at your request, or you can increase the nicotine.
Vapor Production - 5/5  
The vapor production was ridiculous.  This juice, being 100% VG, makes clouds.  And when I say clouds, I mean don’t plan any picnics folks. 
Final Score - 3.5/5
Recommend - Yes

You can get this great ejuice here.