5 Pawns Ejuice Mixology Vape Line

Smoke Free Source let me try the juices on my Duke at their store. Here is a brief description of each. I tried them from low to high wattage. You can see 5 Pawns description of each flavor here. 

Castle Long
This is the non oak barrel steeped version, to see the what I though of the oaked barrel steeped version click here. It has more coconut is sweeter, and is not as good as it is steeped in oak. The once great bourbon flavor without the wood tastes more bottom shelf than the castle long reserve. This ejuice is better at higher wattages. 

Perpetual Check
The juice has a nice citrus mix which is a tad tart with the hint of fig, barley, and something interesting. It has a sparking flavor taste at higher wattages and is a complex flavor that I would highly recommend. It tastes like the juice can use some more time steeping. 

64 Sixty Four
It's a sweet mojito lime fusion ejuice. It's better at high wattage but it is too much of a candied vape for me.

It is a sweet peach. The nut is not the worst I've reviewed, but just is not for me. The rum flavor is nice and developed. It is better at lower wattages. The nuts fuse more at higher wattages. 

Fifth Rank
I thought I would not like this juice because of the nutty flavors, I was wrong. The horehound, (menthol/mint flavoring you can't say without smiling) is an interesting menthol note adding a nice complexity to this juice.  The lime is intense, and nicely fuses with the horehound. This one is my 2nd favorite right behind Perpetual Check. There is a hint of vanilla and lime that adds to the nut flavor. The almond is actually nice on this one seeing as I usually don’t like nut juices :P . I think it is because the nut flavor is a defined almond, and not some random mysterious nutty undertone. 

In all, I think the 5 Pawn Mixology Line is amazing! I am going to try to get more of Perpetual Check and Fifth Rank, and do a graph of these two favorites like I did with Standard's Dead Mans Party. Each of those juices (with further review) has the potential to become one of my current favorite ejuices