Cloudwerks Vapers ejuice Harlequin Review

TheRealMuffinMan did this review. He also review one of my current favorite ejuice Nicquid's Peach Lemonade. This ejuice is too candied for me. But people that like really sweet ejuices rave about this ejuice. It one of TheRealMuffinMan favorites. He vaped over 100 ml of this ejuice last month. Hope you enjoy the review.
20/80 PG/VG
.3 nic

Flavor - 5/5
This is my favorite juice to date and this SoCal company local to Venice makes other great juices that I will try to review soon.  The flavor of Harlequin is A melon cucumber flavor.  The base flavor is of a sweet honeydew but I also get a tad of cantaloupe.  This is balanced out by a very slight tartness from the cucumber which is not so much of a predominant flavor but more of another element of the flavor profile giving it complexity and rounding it out and the slightest hint of a creaminess.  The owner of Cloudwerks has worked in the culinary industry, and it really shows in the flavor profile.  Beautiful balance to create an all around great flavor.

Flavor Intensity - 4/5
0.4Ω dual double 24awg with a cotton wick. and two 5/32” air holes was my setup for today.  But I have had experience vaping this juice on .18 up to .8 ohms.  This juice has a decent flavor intensity but where the flavor really comes out is at the higher wattages.  It earns a 4 because it is a mellow flavor and the average vaper is not going to run a .3 or lower build to where the flavor fully comes out.

Throat Hit- 4/5
Being a higher VG juice, the throat hit is not crazy but IS there.   Especially as a juice that I tend to vape at higher watts, the vapor is plenty warm and provides just the right amount of throat hit.

Vapor Production - 5/5
Apart from the amazing flavor, this is where the juice also really shines.  For all you cloud chasers out there, the only juice i have ever tried that put out more vapor than this juice is 100% VG straight from the bottle.  Cloudwerks is an appropriate name for the company because the clouds that this juice puts out is ridiculous.  

Final Score - 4.5/5
Recommend - Yes, my only complaint is that I only have about 5ml left :(