RPAD.TV ecig mod classy Nemmy clone

I previously recommended the Fast Tech Nemmy Clone.  I got a copper one off a co op but you can get the all copper one for $25 dollars but I am unsure about the quality. The RPAD.TV mod looks great you support a great cause. Raymond at RPAD.TV is really informative. I have been watching his videos for years.  He is a really nice guy and he is nice to me too. He contributes to the ecigjuicereview G+ group and presents an interesting look on interesting mods and ejuice in his great videos. You can get the mod for 100 bucks here or 120 with a special serial number if it is left.  I would rather you use my amazon affilate link next time you shop there however I think the RPAD.TV mod is amazing and something you might consider if you are looking for a great ecig mod for $100.