SFS Smoke Free Source Ecig and Vape shop and lounge B&M

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting this great Brick and Mortar Vape shop and lounge. To view my review on other Brick and Mortar ejuice stores I have been to click here. At Smoke Free Source they where shooting a video of them giving electric ecigarette kits to the troops, so I did not get to talk to the owner that much or try their impressive display of ejuice. I think it is great to save lives of the people that fight to protect our freedom by giving some heroes ecig kits. It was a cool atmosphere with a lot of vape gear and ejuice. I did get to try the new 5 pawn mixology line on my Duke from 8w to 50w and take notes. I will post those notes soon. Here there are. It was a cool store that I would recommend visiting if you are in the area. The store is far from me but I hope to visit it again sometime soon. Their address is 532N Azusa Ave AzusaCA 91702. Their number is 626 969 0800. 
Their website is smokefreesource.com. I talked to the owner about giving my readers a coupon code, so hopefully I will update with one. They produce the great Zombie vs Vapers video I am embedding below.