Vapers fight crazy Regulations SaveVapeLA #IMPROOF rally for Vaping

I went to the #IMPROOF rally in Los Angles last week. It is crazy what the Pharmaceutical Lobby is doing in their war against ecigs. Click here to read more stories on the war on vaping.

John Cameron the brother of James Cameron spoke at the #IMPROOF rally in DownTown LA last weekend. He said the war against ecigarettes is like being against water guns when you are against guns. He also used another great analogy that ecigarettes are like soda, in the way there are different than cigarettes.  Coca Cola might have caffeine like coffee, but it is not called coffee it is called soda. Ecigs are like Coca Cola  they should not be linked to cigarettes because they have one out of the thousands of chemicals similar. Ecig and analog cigarettes are a different thing all tougher.
  The turn out was a couple hundred of people. VapeRev was handing out free #IMPROOF Save Vape LA shirts. Not sure if we changed any minds against this harmful regulation but it was interesting and informative.