Capella Peaches n Cream Ejuice Diy Flavor review

I have review hundreds of ejuice here. This is a review done by JJ1977. He has hundreds of flavors that he will hopefully post here about. He did a review on Golden Drops Sex on the Beach so far. DIY is not for everyone but if you are talented or work really hard you can make some gems. Be careful when mixing. Unless you are a pro with protective gear use 100 mg nic base or lower. Here is the great DIY ejuice flavor review by JJ1977:
"In the interest of full disclosure, this flavor was tasted using a MVP V2 with a Protank 2 and at 20% PG / 80% VG. I acquired this from RTSVapes. (review of the MVP) This is according to my taste, and may not hold true for anyone else but should help in your DIY endeavors. Here are the percentages used in my experiment so far:

Peach n Cream at 5% the flavor was somewhat there 
at 10% the flavor was stronger but still lacked taste
at 12% the flavor was there and in your face

I blended this flavor with sweet cream, vanilla swirl cotton candy and sweetner.
Adding sweet cream to it give it an even more creamy taste. 

also my percentages are for my taste as different people have different tastes. I would suggest starting low and working your way up to your desired amount "
For the last two months most of the time I talk to JJ1977 he was vaping something with this flavor as the base. Most of the juices I have reviewed of Peaches tastes like canned peaches. JJ1977 says the flavor is of ripe peaches.