Doctor Oz lies threaten to kill Vapers

Update: A more scientific look click here. 
Everyone is talking about some crazy new FDA potential ruling. I have been vaping for years so I know that every year the corrupt crony BS body called the FDA makes a big announcement that next year they will do a ruling. I hope it never comes. I don't recommend signing some petition that gives the party that hates ecigs your info but do what ever makes you happy. I believe the war is over the perception and culture. Study after study show that ecigs are harmless. I did a post about Dr Oz continuing the tread to demonize ecigs. A commenter wanted a more moderate post, so I asked JJPurps for his point of view. Sorry it not more moderate it is black and white. 0 people died from drinking ejuice. People that spread lies to scare people away from something that can save lives are killing the people that did not use the alternative because of their lies. Enough ranting here is JJPurps take on this crazy segment by Dr Oz. Click here to view it.

Ok so i have to say Dr. Oz is proven wrong ALL THE TIME by scientists as in people that actually test the chemicals in a lab. Dr. Oz now is a PUBLICITY JUNKY I'm sorry but if you are a doctor on a stage all you want is fame in my opinion not to help people. Also if you notice in the  video it is ALL about drinking liquid come on while I'm at it i guess ill go chug some bleach. I am sorry for the rant but before i start anything i do my research if its from others experience or just articles and in all my research i have found ONE death and the guy says there has been many the only ONE is a guy who injected e-liquid in the attempt to kill himself. Im sorry but these "Doctors" are incorrect i know you will all say "what are you a scientist or a professional" and my answer is no but i have done MAJOR amounts of research to get the true inside scoops.
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