Good Vapor Vape Lounge in Beverly Hills ecig store

Brick and Mortar Ecig stores I have been too. The store has a nice atmosphere. There is cool art on the walls. The vape lounge also is an art gallery some nights. The owner was nice and informative. They have a selection of ejuices that other vape stores don't carry. I got to try Unicorns Blood finally. (It is not for me I like Chapter XII Vapors Hemingway way better.) They are also going to carry Ripe Vapes soon which has amazing flavors. I think one of their juices is going to be on my current favorite list. Good Vapor carries Space Jam, Mount Baker, Velvet Could,  and Villain Vapor their website is goodvaporonline.com I felt very comfortable there and when I was there they where helping a future ex-smoker get their first kit, I was impressed about how the store owner explained vaping and the different kits they have. I recommend visiting this store if you are starting out vaping or have been for years to try their selection of juices.