More proof of Dr Oz lies about vaping

I think I went a bit far in my last post about Dr Oz crazy lies about ecigs. The Ecig juice review G+ group  turned from tons of posts a day to way less. Here is the first post I did about it. Nightrider wrote this scientific look at the story hope this helps some, you can see the crazy Dr. Oz clip by clicking here:

"Decided to do some quick research on Dr. Oz’s claim on how e-cigarette juice can be lethal. I would first like to acknowledge some of the points in his video are true. Nicotine is a potentially dangerous toxin—fact. E-juice typically carries some amount of nicotine within the juice—fact. E-juice comes in many fun and interesting flavors—fact.                  

The issue at hand is that Dr. Oz does not go into detail about the AMOUNT of nicotine needed to be a lethal dose. So let’s start here. An LD50 for the average adult weighing in at 60kg (~132lb) is 60mg. That breaks down to about 0.8-1 mg of nicotine per kilogram. Now, most brick and motor stores carry varying concentrations of nicotine to appeal to most consumers. This usually ranges between 0 mg/ml to 24 mg/ml of nicotine. For the sake of math, we will use 20mg/ml e-juice.  This means the average adult would need to consume 3ml of e-juice liquid and could die—fact. However, this is only if there is a 100% efficiency conversion during the ingestion stage. Fortunately, the efficiency rate is much less. Vaping 3ml of liquid is much different than consuming 3ml of liquid. Keeping that in mind, the only death involved with e-cigarettes is someone who injected the e-juice directly into their blood stream. This is an example of an improper use of the chemical.
On a note of handling e-juice. Yes, it is dangerous in high concentrations amounts. A high concentration juice when spilled is dangerous. Whenever handling high concentrations, it should be done with the correct safety precautions. E-juice should be handled just like anything else in our daily lives. There are chemicals all around us that are considered hazardous if mishandled. If you don’t believe me, read the label behind your average toothpaste—something that you children use everyday. Just food for thought.
Dr. Oz is in fact a doctor and knows a lot about the human body and its interactions with chemicals. However, I hope that everyone do their part in research about the chemicals that enter in their body instead of listen to one perspective about how dangerous something might be.  Remember: Knowledge is Power."
I think Nightrider makes some great points. To read more about the war on ecigs click here.