Perpendiculous coil RBA coil for Ecigs by TehPartyPants

I think this is an interesting RBA coil for Ecigs. Going to try it later today. Coil created by TehpartyPants and instructs by TehpartyPants
"So basically i wrapped a micro coil with 28 gauge kanthal around about a 5/64 bit with 4 wraps. I bent the leads out so that it would face front to back instead of side to side. Then i wrapped a nano coil around a paperclip that came out to around 1 ohm im not sure how many wraps with 28 gauge and placed it vertically so that the mouth of the other coil would be center to that coil. I wicked the vertical coil and put some cotton around the outside of the other coil and stuffed it under. The build is dependent on the airflow coming straight through the horizontal coil so you have to position it directly in front of the airflow holes. You have to make sure the outside coil is completely surrounded by cotton or else the flavor is not optimal. The flavor is the best out of any coil I have built so far. The throat hit is about perfect for me, on the harder end but not too hard. The vapor is average not incredible clouds but they definitely are not small. It is very effective at holding juice. I find I don't have to drip as much when I use this coil."