18 gauge Kanthal on Ecigerette with a Soldado RBA

Here is some pics of 18 gauge on a Soldado.
I use it rarely. I used it more for back up before a got my new Reo. It eats through a fully charged sony VTC 4 in around 20 min. I vape between 4ml and 8ml of juice a day. I did not notice a change in the amount of ml I vaped back when I used this build through out most of the day. 18 gauge wire does not fit on any RBA but the Soldado. And even with the Soldado I had to use one strand of wire two make both coils. I am going to try a set up with 18 gauge on my aqua when I get a chance. I highly recommend the aqua for tank atty and the Trident V2 for dripper. You can see a video of me with the Trident v2 here or read about what I said about the Trident v1 here.