Base Nectar ejuice Vape Game

6mg 50 pg 50 vg
Great flavor. Lemon and lime. It is reminiscent of Hadoken by Fuzion Vapor. It is a more vauge non metholated less sweet version.  Base Nectar is amazing fusion but is too too vauge. I would like to try this juice in 2x or 3x if vape game does that.  It performs even better than Tailor Made. But it is too vauge of a flavor to be enjoyable.
I used 4 different wattages between 8-50. I used a Trident v2 on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.

This juice really shined at high wattages. It is great at all wattages. For 50 PG juice this ejuice creates a lot of vapor even more than Tailor Made.
You can get this ejuice here.