Halo Cigs Ejuice Mystic Tobacco Vape

Halo Mystic Tobacco is a great tobacco menthol ejuice. To see other tobacco ejuice I have reviewed click here. It is just as good as Halo Ejuice Midnight Apple ejuice. It is a woody menthol tobacco which is interesting. The flavor is strong. It is not in your face strong but it is not vague. It is not a Tobacco ejuice that does not work for me. 

The graph is my impression of Halo Cigs Mystic Tobacco at 4 different wattages between 8-50. I used a Trident v2 on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here. I found the higher wattage on this juice the more menthol and the more the flavors fuse. I liked 30w better than the higher 50w on this juice. This juice is still enjoyable at all wattages I tested it at. It might be one of my future favorite ejuices. The complexly of Vita Bella is a bit more but for menthol fans this juice is a must get. I highly recommend it. You can get it here. Just watch out for Prime 15.