Honey Delinquent ejuice by DNA Vapers

I got this juice from Nidor Vapor. 
The DNA website describes it as;
Honey Delinquent is the sweetest melon flavor on the market. A dominant Honeydew flavor with a unique Quince undertone puts a smile on the face of every person who tastes it. For those who don’t know a Quince is a cross between an Apple and a Pear
Honey Delinquent is a very sweet Honeydew. Way too sweet for me. But the Quince adds a interesting tart flavor to the juice. It has granny smith apple and asian pear notes. I really enjoy the juice. I just wish it wasn't so sweet. I like virgin vapors celestial Honeydew way better. The flavor is not in your face or vague. The juice is not dry or juicy.

The values in the chart or out of 40. I tested the juice at different wattages. You use the Vapor Production key to see what I meant for the values in the vapor production. I used the zorro, trident v2, and glass drip tip from ft the same set up I used in this video.

I prefer the Honeydew from virgin vapors celestial Honeydew way better. But this juice is unique and if you like more sweet candied melon vapes give this juice a chance.