Virgin Vapors Organic Celestial Honeydew ejuice

12mg 100vg
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I just finished this bottle and wow. It was amazing. It is not too sweet the TH was great. The juice held up from 8 watts to around 30. It is like taking a bite of a fresh honey dew. You know the one out of a thousands that is perfectly ripe, where you can taste the sun and goodness within it, this juice is like eating that.  It is just like that. Once every couple of years I get to enjoy the perfect honeydew. This juice mimics it perfectly. It is not an imitation where it is almost like the perfect honeydew. It is like taking a bite out of the perfect one every time you vape.
The vapor and TH was still present at low wattage but they became insane at high wattage. The taste is sweeter and juicier at low wattage but at high wattage there seems to be more aspects to the flavor fuzed together. With fresh pair of cr 123 batteries on a 2.2 ohm atty which is around 30 watts the flavor was not burned at all. It just added extra dimension. As fruit flavors go it is the best IMHO. It will definitely go into my favorite list when I get more to give an more in depth review. '
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I have tried a couple thousand ejuices since I started vaping and I think this one is the best. Still check out my favorite list because it is not for everyone but I think I found my all day vape. Knowing my luck the flavor will change :P If you are into fruit vapes at all then I highly highly recommend it. 
Luckily the flavor did not change. I got more and did a graph of it finally.

The graph is my impression of Virgin Vapors Organic Celestial Honeydew at 4 different wattages between 8-50. I used a Trident v2 on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here. I I liked 30w better than the higher 50w on this juice. This juice is enjoyable at all wattages I tested it at. It will be added to my current favorite ejuices. You can buy it by clicking here.