FastTech Genny Kraken Build with SS rope ceramic sleeve and 24 gauge kanthal

You can get the Kraken by clicking here for under $13. You can see my other ecigs and atomizers here. I like the aqua way better. 

How to do a similar build but with two coils and lower gauge wire by uselessmidget;
"Start your build by cutting your stainless steel rope, it should sit just above the bottom of of the tank and run up to the top of the positive post.Next torch it, get it glowing 3-5 times. (There are a few strands of string in the center of the SS rope you want to burn out. You can unravel a piece to see what I'm talking about)Now take a 1" piece of 2mm EkoWool, sleeve it over a piece of metal around the same diameter as the ss rope (screwdriver, drill bit, etc.)Torch that as well, trim 1 end of the EkoWool so it is free of frays, butt your ss rope against the screwdriver and slide the ekowool onto the SS rope.Next you can proceed to wrap a 4/3 open coil with your 28ga kanthal.Slide the SS rope, EkoWool, Coil assembly down into the tank, secure your connections, adjust the coils to have an even gap, and trim your excess EkoWool.Fill the tank & moisten your coils."