Quick ejuice review of Long Beach Juice Supply LBJS

I got to try out this ejuice at Fix Vapor in Santa Monica  The names are in bold. The description given to me is in italics.

Port lb
crepe with berry reduction
It has a nice tart berry not too much crepe. It is a nice mixture of berry flavor nice mixture. Berry is a bit to perfumy for me but it might change if the ejuice steeps more.

King's Park
Tropical island fruit
The coconut  over powers the flavor mixture. The flavor do not pop. This ejuice is the worst of the line personally.

Bue Lime
vanilla custard banana
Interesting custard. It is not eggy. It is an amazing custard flavor but candied banana ejuice that I cant stand rune it for me.

Belmont Brew
honey peach watermelon
This ejuice tastes like honey deliquent by DNA vapors  but sweeter. Unlike the juice I compared it to it has no bite. It is too candied for me.

apple fritter vanilla custard
This ejuice has a great apple and interesting vanilla custard. It is not too sweet. Lots of aspects to the apple flavor. It is slightly tart. It is the best of the bunch IMHO.  Highly recommend trying even if other apple vapes let you down in the past.