Ripe Strawberry from Rich Vapors

It has been a little while since I last posted here, but i wanted to share with you this wonderful wonderful juice I ran across. Rich Vapors has this juice, and after taste testing it, I had to buy it. This juice tastes and smells like a real strawberry, not perfume-like, not like candy, but a real strawberry. you may notice the bottle is empty.. I simply could not help myself to drop drip, after drip, after drip. In fact this juice was so good that i put my nicotine tolerance back up a little bit using it, lol. Could not stop chain vaping.
I have been running this juice at 6V in a Vamo 5 with the coil at 2.0 Ohms with twisted 32ga on a Igo-W, the air holes slightly enlarged. (( yeah I know, high ohms, but I wanted to try it, we always go for low ohms, lol.)) Anyhow, i think i found my new ADV and wanted to let all of you, my beloved readers, know about it. I'm going to be buying more, and I recommend you do the same.

Rich Vapors has a Facebook page at This Link
Madd Cats has the same juice ((confirmed)), And they can also be reached Via This Link

Until my next review, and my upcoming Shop review and Mod Review (( you will like that one ))

Yours Truly