Stop The Santa Monica Ecig ban War on Vaping

UPDATE: It passed with everyone supporting it. :(
to read more about the war on vaping click here. 
STOP the Santa Monica ecig ban. They are going to vote on it in a couple of hours. I sent a email to everyone in the city counicl. 
"Dear City Council Member,
I am a resident of Santa Monica, brain cancer survivor. and an ecig user. I have not smoked an regular cigarette in over 5 years since I started using ecig. I urge you not to vote to classify ecig smoke a tobacco smoke because it is not. Ecigs use nicotine just as some sodas have caffeine. Pepsi is not considered coffee, just as ecigs should not be considered cigarettes. Study after study show that Ecigs help stop smoking and do not make it more harmful for others that breath it. A vote for this bill will mean the death of many others and if this bill passes I will have to leave a city I spent most of my life living in. I hope you do not vote to pass this regulation. 
If you need evidence to support this position look at the Drexel University study and what the Attorney General of Virginia said smoking bans applying to e-cigs. 
Aaron Y"
Hopefully it will work from Vape Rev blog ;
"The time has come again for California vapers to speak out against inappropriate e-cig regulation! The Santa Monica City Council is seeking guidance regarding future policies and regulations for electronic cigarettes. A hearing is being held at Santa Monica City Hall tomorrow, June 24th at 6:30 PM.
As it currently stands, the City Council will be basing their rulings off a biased and misleading report from the City Attorney which equates vaping with cigarette smoking. If left unopposed without accurate information from the vaping community, it is likely that e-cigs will be regulated as tobacco in Santa Monica. This means that vaping will be outlawed in public areas, including vape shops!
As proud vapers, we cannot sit quietly and let our right to vape be taken away! Let’s give our local politicians a piece of our mind and educate them on the facts about vaping. We urge you to do what you can to prevent this regulation from passing! This includes sending a petition email to the members of the Santa Monica City Council and attending the City Council hearing in person, if possible.
Don’t hesitate because the right to legally vape is at jeopardy! Do your part to help save vaping for generations to come! "
To read more on the war on ecigs click here.
I hope this insane law doesn't pass because it will kill tons of people and I don't want to move :P.