Trash Can by Rich Vapors

A while back I did a review on Rich Vapors, a local shop here in Uniontown PA, and quite a good one. Last week i went in there and got a bottle of Trash Can. In all honesty

Back to the Trash Can.. I can only guess by its taste how it got its name.. Taste like garbage right? Wrong! This fruity delight tastes like..  Honestly, I have never had such a hard time describing a taste. It is like someone put watermelon, blueberry, and raspberry together.. But there is something else in there.. Something delightful. I have tried and tried for the past few days to put my finger on it and i just.. cant. I really just cant. If you try this juice send me a line! I would love to hear what you guys think of it! Either way, Since I got it, I've been vaping like crazy! Thankfully I had the brain power to get less nic, This new 30w Transformers mod, at 1.7Ohms really puts the vapor out!

I had too. I already had a bottle of Fire and Ice, which is a lovely Cinnamon  Menthol I will be reviewing soon, However.. i also had just gotten my 30 watt device. So needless to say cinnamon and menthol was like a brick to the lung.
I will be getting this juice again, and I recommend you stop down and get some for yourself if your in the area!

Yours Truly
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