Vape 2'o, The Connellsville Brick & Mortar

I had been hearing a lot of this vape shop in Connellsville PA, so I went incognito, and decided to check it out. After a while of lurking about I finally let on that I was a reviewer,  but before I did I managed to spy a little bit.

While I derped around and pretended not to know my own rear from a hole in the ground an ID was checked of a person who was easily over 21, Information and knowledge were given to customers, and I was asked twice if I needed any help. I had talked to the man working at the time, Speedy. A former military man, and a humorous one at that. There was no rush to get someone to buy, and get them out.   After all of this I did indeed let them know I was a professional reviewer and the owner of the store, Helena, came to the shop and introduced herself. But the attitudes did not change.

Everything was just as it was before I mentioned who I was and what I did. The shop itself is still new, but I can see a bright future for them. They opened the second week of March, and have clearly been educating themselves about what's what in the vaping world. Both Ex-smokers, Now current vapers, and wanting to pass the knowledge on, even if you don't buy a single thing from them.

During my time there I saw two people simply hanging out, both claimed to be there longer than an hour, simply sitting on the hydraulic bar stools that sit on the left wall at the juice tasting bar.
I have been back a few times, popping in at random to see whats up. Those two surely seem to enjoy what they do. After all, every time I was there they spent ample time with customers (( who were there even before me)) And made sure every bit of satisfaction was met, and every question answered. They are soon to be getting into rebuildables, which will be a huge leap for them, and I wish them the best. So make sure you all tell them exactly what you want!

The display of the mods and appealing to the eye, as you can see from the pictures. They have a blackboard with 27 juices. (soon to be 30) written clear and visible. Music is always playing, the atmosphere is always relaxed. The prices are quite reasonable for a brick and mortar shop, and the juices there are fantastic. I will be reviewing many juices from there soon. My next review of them will be on their American made juice line, starting with "Mah's Apple Pie" and "Fire and Ice".

As a note, this juice is making me starve to death.. I keep vaping but there's nothing to chew!! 
So stop in, Take a look around. As always the pictures rarely do justice. You'll love the place and the atmosphere. Get some Coffee, And chat them up! I know I'll sure be going back!

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