Gorilla Guts by Ruckus Elixirs Butterscotch ejuice

Gorilla Guts by Ruckus Elixirs  is a natural banana flavor fusion with cream and butterscotch. The fusion of flavors gives a unique enjoyable flavor.  Gorilla Guts is not vague or has has a strong in-your-face taste.
I used three different wattages between 15-50. I used a Trident v2 on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.

Gorilla Guts by Ruckus Elixirs was the best at 50w.  I enjoy really vaping this ejuice at high wattage, it is better at 50w than at 30w or 15w. At higher wattages the fusion of flavors increases, I think the flavor shines. The only butterscotch ejuice I enjoy more is CoV butterscotch and there is diacetyl in it :( .  The juiciness stays at higher wattages because of the cream in the fusion of flavors.  At lower wattages the ejuice is too sweet for me.  But if you enjoy really sweet ejuices and you will really enjoy this ejuice at lower wattages. I don't like most banana ejuices but this banana is natural and adds just a hint of flavor.  I recommend it for high wattage vapers that like butterscotch ejuice.
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