LP SL Reo Grand ecig Silver Vein the Ultimate Vaping Machine IMHO

Click here to see it with a leash.
I got it here. I highly recommend it. LP SL Reo Grand is amazing.
I sold my Duke and got this. I am really happy. Not only is it lighter weight, I can easily put a leash on when I head out.  It is my 3rd reo. My other two reos are the carbon fiber wrapped one and my copper vein one.  To see a lytro pic of the copper vein one click here. To see a lytro picture of the carbon fiber wrapped with a leash click here.

I think the reo is amazing. At first I was not that happy with it. But now I recommend it to everyone. Everyone that uses one with the new subohm upgrade has been really happy except the a few that don't like holding box mods. I have alot of mods click here to see half of them. However, I use a reo grand most of the time. I used my first one so much the acid from my sweat warped the body of my first one. To see the insane wear and tear on my reo before I carbon tape wrapped it click here.
The reo has a metal button on it. To see the quick video of the past video upgrade click here.  The metal button is just an extension that goes on top of the Reo button. I think it makes using one way more comfortable.  You can get one here for $6 dollars. 
I traded my wrinkle black one with a reomizer 2 before I got the copper vein one. The person that got it is really happy with it.
There are pictures of it with different angles below the fold. This is the Ultimate Vaping Machine IMHO.
Click here to see the batteries I use with it.
Click here to see an atty that I use with it. 
Click here to see a Black AFC cyclone