Saturday Night Special By Fog Boss

An Excellent flavor by Fog Boss, bought locally at Vape2o (You can find a review of them here). Ive had quite a few strawberry and cream flavors. This one however stuck out like a sore thumb getting smacked with a hammer. The taste is very rich, it does not taste perfumery in the slightest. It is candy like, like a candied
strawberry, and I must admit I love that. At 30w it gives one heck of a hit but below that there was not much throat hit. However, that being said I did only have the nic level at 8Mg. At lower wattage such as 15, it is less candied and more like an authentic strawberry. But once you hit the higher wattage's the Candied strawberry and Creme definitely come into their own. The flavor is amazing on this USA made E-Liquid. It seems to lean more toward PG in its mix than i like, I have always preferred the VG mixes. Fog Boss does not sell their products online as of yet, so the only way to get their products is to go to a shop that offers their boss flavors, such as Vape2o. Oh, and before i forget. As with all tested juices.. This is on an Igo-w, Single coil, twisted 32 gauge, and 1.7Ohms

Make sure to read my review of them, and if your in the area, Check them out, get some Fog Boss Saturday Night Special, and let us know what you think!

Yours Truely

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