True Leaf Tobacco NET ejuices vaping cigarette flavors

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names are in bold description from the company is in italics 
full flavored, fully robust tobacco extract blend. If filter-less cigarette were your preference than midnight is the flavor for you
NET dark woody slightly dry flavor It gets better with more wattage

A robust tobacco extract blend. This full flavored tobacco is reminiscent if your favorite tobacco
Very dry hay like carmel like taste
It gets better but dryer with more wattage

a light tobacco extract  constant with an ultralight cigarette
semi dry slight hay more wattage higher flavor

slightly more robust but still on the light side Amber is a tobacco extract equivalent of a light cigarette
slightly dry light woody taste
more flavors come out with higher wattage

I think vita bella by goodejuice is the best. I think Midnight is my favorite of the True Leaf Tobacco blends. For high wattage vapers most blends are way too dry for me. At lower wattage the juices are still dry but vapeable. I used a duke to write this review.