Vaperz in Chicago Ecig Vape Shop you should avoid

I have reviewed tons of shops you can view them here. I think the more ecig shops the better. I have been to tons of ecigs shops but just wrote one negative review.
I emailed Vaprez and did not hear back yet.  (They responded once I posted this) I get along with "uselessmidget"(ECF user name) and I think it is terrible Vaperz treated him like that. "uselessmidget " wrote;

"Tried to give this place a 2nd chance after the first terrible experience I had and silly me thinking that Vaperz service couldn't possibly have gotten worse.
I have a PG allergy so I called them to find out what there PG/VG ratio was on there house juices. (anything less than 70% VG I can't vape, so its pointless for me to make the trip out if they only sell 50/50) I was immediately brick-walled by the lady that answered, she seemed irritated & upset about having to answer the phone from the get-go and refused to tell me anything other than there hours & address. The only responses she would give is that I have to come in and "ask those questions to the people in the other room".
She did not have this basic knowledge of there product and was unwilling to stand up and move one room over to ask the question for me and instead insisted I make the drive out and ask them myself.
Now thats what I call customer service! Self-Service that is!

I'm sure the people upfront are great but perhaps this shop needs to loose the uneducated dead weight its dragging in the back before I will ever patron this place.

Also consumer beware: Something as basic as posting your VG/PG content is considered standard business practice in this industry and the fact that this company does not advertise it on their products or website in my book is a big red flag."

Vaprez replied to around this on G+ by avoiding the question.  Watch out. Any good vapor stores in the Chicago area you recommend?