Atomic Atty BF on a Reo Grand with the airflow control ring off

I am working on a couple of juice reviews that I will post tomorrow. Until then you can view my current favorite ejuices by clicking here or view the juice I have reviewed by clicking here.
This is the clone of an Atomic RBA. You can get it here for $9. Catfish atty expanded the post holes and made it BF aka squonking compatible to work with a Reo Grand.
The atomic is on top of the ReoGrand LP SL you can view what I have to say about that by clicking here. 

  The air flow control ring is off the Atomic RBA allowing me to use all 6 air flow holes. The draw is extra extra airy. It is too airly for me but it is different.
I am using an MNKE while my IMR charge. I like the IMR better. You can see pic of the IMR batteries in my Reo my clicking here.