Breaking Vlad Breaking Bad style ejuice line from Vampire Vape

I have seen Breaking Bad style ejuice bottles but never a whole line of juice till now. 
Picture is from Vampire Vape FB and descriptions from Stuzilla/AFK
"[PinkMan] the juice is pink and it's a fruity taste with a zesty aftertaste. The after taste is almost a grapefruit kinda thing. First impression is like a berry blast but it mellows out to the grapefruit thing. I am not sure how to describe the heisenberg one wasnt too keen on it personally but it was a nice flavor like a cool blackjack sort of flavor but with a hint of kids cough medicine. I wouldn't properly describe it that way because i not a fan myself of the flavor but if you're into that sort of thing its a good strong flavor"
Vampire Vape in in the UK. Just figured some US readers will enjoy the sign and a brief description.