Catfish atty converted squonking BF Atomic RBA

Click here to see it with the AFC ring off.
This is the clone of an Atomic RBA. You can get it here for $9. As you can see I wrapped it with 20 gauge wire. Catfish atty expanded the post holes and made it BF aka squonking compatible to work with a Reo Grand. I like using lower gauge wire because the flavor is better and the wires don't pop when building. I got the reactor v2 for BF but I am not happy with how it turned out because there is no airflow control and Catfish  didn't drill out the post holes and I don't have a small enough drill bit or the skill to drill it out. I tried a build with dual stove top rba coils at 27 gauge and one of the coils died right after I fired it. Maybe it is better with 20 gauge wire. I like my Divo by Vicious Ant better because it is a smaller chamber. VA makes the Divo and Cyclone ready for bottom feeding. I am getting a 2014 BF Cyclone and it would be interesting to see the difference in Catfish atty  2013 cyclone one converted. Hopefully I will do that test in the future. I think the way to convert atties to BF by Catfish atty is done very well.  You can see pictures of my reo and Divo by clicking here. 
Another picture of the atomic converted is bellow the break.