Drunk Dial by Vaping on the Rocks Mojito ejuice

I got this juice from LA Vapers Club meeting earlier this month.
Drunk Dial by Vaping on the Rocks is a mojito ejuice. The mint flavor is stronger than the rum flavor. The flavor is strong and not vague. The juice is sweeter at lower wattages. The flavors fuse the best at  50 watts but the dry chalky taste develops there.  I don't enjoy this juice as much at that wattage.  I however really enjoyed it at around 30w.

I used three different wattages between 15-50.  I used a Mephisto clone on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.

Drunk Dial by Vaping on the Rocks was the best for me around 30w.  I enjoy vaping this ejuice at around 30 watts more than at 50w or 15w. Although at the higher the wattage the better vapor production and the ejuice is slightly less sweet, the dryness becomes too much at that wattage wattage. If you like a Mojito than this juice is for you if you vape at around 30 watts. I have tried many different Mojito ejuices and this one was my favorite so far.
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