Galaxy 18650 RDA by Surric Vapes

This is the Galaxy by Surric Vapes mod on my Nemmy Clone.
Used to be Cirrus Vapes but they changed their name. Surric Vapes is known for high quality carto tanks. Now they are making high quality affordable atties. The Galaxy is laser engraved. It takes 15 minutes of laser-engraving and there are over 460 passes, giving the engraving a deep well defined look. All of Surric's rebuildable atomizers come with a drip tip where the SN is laser etched on. The center pin is made with a Copper Tellurium alloy pin like all of surric's atties. Copper tellurium alloy is lead free and really conductive.  The insulator is made of PEEK, which can withstand way greater temperatures than delrin. I am running a .9 ohm coil at around 8v. That is around 70 w. The atty has a deep well. The flavor and airflow of this atty is impressive. I usually like small chambers atties like the atomic and vicious ants Divo. But like the Galaxy's big brother The Universe with 20 gauge wire this attys is flavor is really impressive. This is just a first look I will do a more in depth review later. You can get this atty by clicking here for $80. 
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You can see the Damascus version here. 
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