WARNING! Flawed Stingray Clones!

In this video I give you a quick rundown on the Stingray 26650 Clone and reveal a major flaw in the design.

Please be safe and always check new mods, especially clones.

If your mod suffers from this problem please leave a comment below describing your mod i.e. 26650, 18650.

All in all I like the simplistic design of the Stingray 26650 clone, being that is so closely resembles the tried and true nemesis design and expands on that by separating the 510 atomizer / battery rattle adjustment into two separate screws.

I also like that I can use the airflow adjustment to shim my atomizer to line up perfectly with my mod. (i.e. the logos will always line up if I want them too.)

Please share this with anyone you know that has a stingray clone or may be selling them, this quick fix could save you a finger in the future. We're all in this for the same reason, to quit cigarettes & better our health so please stay safe when using Lithium Batterys.