Vape Industries GU Tobacco ejuice

3mg PG VG ratio is unknown
GU Tobacco ejuice is really complex and enjoyable. It is not a NET. NET means Natural extraction of tobacco. I find that most good tobaccos ejuices are NET like Vita Bella by Goodejuice. NET gunk coils and cause other problems when vaped. GU Tobacco is not a NET but taste like one.  So has the benefit in the taste but none of the problems with NET.  G.U. has a sweet straw like sweetness with woody and spicy perique notes tobacco. It is not a tobacco ejuice that did not work for me (click here to see the list)Click here to see the other tobacco ejuice I have reviewed. It is not as dry as Mr E tobaccos but it is too dry for me to fully enjoy. I like moist ejuices so I recommend giving this ejuice a try.
I used four different wattages between 8-50. I used a Universe by Surric vapor RBA on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.
GU Tobacco was the best for me around 30w.  I enjoy vaping this ejuice at around 30 watts more than at 50w or 15w. Although at the higher the wattage the better vapor production and the less the juice is not as sweet, the juice becomes dry for me at higher wattage.
To see the other reviews I have done click here, The ejuice is sold and distributed through Vape Industry.