Sigelei 100W Variable Power Mod VW ecig for all

Sigelei 100W, Variable Power, Mod, VV, ECIG, 100w
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I got mine but I don't have a fresh pair of batteries to use it yet. Nocashflow really likes his so until I can post my first look next week enjoy what an ecig veteran has to say about this mod:
"I have been using my Sigelei for a couple of weeks ago my first impressions was man this thing looks clean; it has an excellent finish, well rounded edges and just the right amount of “smoothness”.  The button on this device is excellent super clicky, sturdy and big.  The Sigelei is a very powerful device it can go up to 100w (which I rarely use) and it can go down all the way to 10 watts and I really feel the wattage on this device very accurate (taste wise).  The battery life is incredible I vape at 50-75 watts (depending on flavor) and the batteries usually last me a full day of chain vaping with VTC 5s.  Overall I really enjoy this device it’s my new daily carry and would recommend it to someone who is getting into vw and people with less powerful vw mods. "
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