Wearing Dish Gloves as I tak a vape break from cleaning

Spring cleaning, vapig a reoi, dish gloves, vaping with dish gloves
I was up late night cleaning my place with dish gloves for an inspection I got rid of most of my stuff but I think I passed.  I did a couple of graphs for reviews. this weekend. I need to do ta bit more work. I am going to do a first look at the seigle 100w and the no logo kato box style mod this week and post them.  I  am going to take a nap first but you can look at my current favorite ejuice by clicking here or see the ejuices I have reviewed (I need to update the list )by clicking here.  I just think this picture is funny. Hope it makes you laugh. I was cleaning so hard core my hand hurt, so I had to wear dish gloves. Despite turning my apartment into a wind vortex I was sweating alot. The pic of my taking a  vape break in front of a crazy strong fan I was drenched with sweating and needing to shave. I am selling most of my mods for 2/3 retail. To sees some of the mods I have of them click here.  I have 3 reos, 2 congistus triple (stacked is amazing), an ivp2s, seglie 100 ( I am keeping got the batteries and I really like the button.) the nemmy style, a 69 style, i134 used, i134 mini never used (need to take a picture of it) , 2 surge tanks ( I just need one got the new version and then  had a problem with the old version on and they replayed it with the new version, I have been using the new version daily for over a year and haven't had any problems with it.  ). and around dozen  atties that are aauthenticand clone, including the cyclone bf 2014 edition with a derlin black AFC cap. Ckck on the names above to see more info on the mods I have.   I am really happy with the divo LP SL reo combo click here to see it. it is what I am using most of the time it is spring cleaning even though winter didn't come yet. :P I already sold my Duke and Zorro.  Hope eveyone is having a great day vape on.