MENTHOL WTA WholeCig Tobacco Alkaloids ejuice

21mg 100 VG 
MENTHOL WTA by WholeCig has an amazing flavor. It is a NET. The NET has a mixture of a sweet hay with woody and enjoyable musty tones.  It has the same base as American Cigarette and Kiss of Sweet by from WholeCig. The Difference is that their are some menthol crystals giving this juice an enjoyable menthol taste. WholeCig juices are WTA. Meaning they have a couple other chemicals that are in tobacco other than nicotine. You can read more about WTA by clicking here.  I reviewed their unflavored here. There unflavored is the WTA base with out the NET tobacco.
It is not a tobacco ejuice that did not work for me (click here to see the list). I think it is one of the best.
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I used four different wattages between 8-50. I used a Universe by Surric vapor RBA on the Zorro to review this juice. To find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here. The reason vapor production is marked as * is because I vape mostly 0-6mg juice and it is hard to take a long enough hit on this ejuice to measure the vapor production. (Vape higher mg now and use a different setup but I am unable to redo the graph because I am out of this juice) This juice performs as good as most 100% VG with small drags.
MENTHOL WTA by WholeCig was the best at 50w.  I enjoy really vaping this ejuice at high wattage, it is better than at 30w, 15w, or 8w. At higher wattages the fusion of flavors increases I think the flavor shines.  The juiciness stays non dry because of the mint in the fusion of flavors keeps the ejuice moist. This ejuice is enjoyable no matter what wattage you vape it at. I highly recommend it. Use the coupon code BESTWTA to get 10 percent off your order. 
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