Dr Oz more than half the time is Wrong ECIG smear merchant is proven a liar

Dr Oz,  more than half the time, Wrong, Ecigs,  ECIG smear merchant is proven a liar
Got this from FB. Think it is more
big pharma than big tobacco
going after ecigs. 
Time and time again Dr Oz lied about ecigs even though study after study proves that ecigs are harmless. Click here to see the first smear Dr Oz did. Click here to see the 2nd. Less than half of Dr Oz claims are wrong or have no scientific base. From the Washington Post
 "But researchers with the British Medical Journal weren’t nearly so comfortable. They selected 40 episodes from last year, identifying 479 separate medical recommendations. After paging through the relevant medical research, they found evidence only supported 46 percent of his recommendations, contradicted 15 percent and wasn’t available for 39 percent. " 
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