Halo Cigs New Year Sale Coupon Code

Have a Happy New Year all.
Halocigs is having a New Years sale. That is starting now. The Coupon code for 15 percent off any thing at Halo site is VAPE2015.
Click here to shop. Halo Cigs sells some great starter kits and ejuice.  Halo Ejuice can be great ecig juice or terrible. I really like some flavors, while I am not a fan of others.

Halo Juice that I have reviewed
Halo Belgian Chocolate The best chocolate ejuice IMHO  
Halo Ecig's Malibu Mentol  
Prime 15 by Halo  
Midnight Apple  
Halo Turkish Tobacco ejuice generic cigarette flavored vape 
Halo Cigs Kringle's Curse ejuice Candy Cane vape 
Halo Cigs Ejuice Mystic Tobacco Vape 
Halo Cafe Mocha Coffee ejuice 
Halo Twisted Java Mint and Coffee ejuice 

The Coupon code for for 15 percent off everything sold at Halo is VAPE2015
Click here to check out Halos Site and use this link before you order please.