14 Obscenely Expensive Ecig Atomizers Worth Drooling Over

I don't have any of these atties. (Click here to see most of the equipment I am using.)  I wanted to get a Chalice III and I missed by a minute them in stock :( Hopefully I will get one soon. From 13 Obscenely Expensive Ecig Atomizers Worth Drooling Over:
Chalice Atomizer by Mark Bugs
Said to be the “first repairable bottom feeder atomizer in the world” the Chalice III provides a “magical like vaping experience” according to the manufacturer, Mark Bugs.
All parts of the Chalice are designed and produced inhouse. The RBA features implant grade titanium screw posts, a silver plated feeding pipe, and a “no wire” connection to the battery to eliminate short circuits due to faulty wiring.
The product went through a unique, crowdsourced design process where the final design was chosen by the company’s Facebook fans. "